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  • Lightweight & Strong Material
    Some bicycle boxes weigh up to 40 kg – ours only weighs between 5 and 6kg! The Enviro Bike Box can easily handle weights of up to 25kg.
  • Tried and tested solution!
    Based on customer feedback we have implemented several improvements including tie-on straps for extra stability.
    We have many satisfied customers – see our testimonials below.
  • Competitive pricing
    Bicycle cases can cost up to $400 – our price is from $210 inc. GST!
  • Water-proof Twin Plastic Board
    Although airlines and other companies supply boxes to transport bicycles, these boxes are often made of cardboard and get soft when wet. The Twin Plastic Board material of this bike case gives you a durable and strong box that can withstand tough conditions.
  • Environmental benefits
    These bike cases can be re-used many times, thus saving the cost and environmental impact of having to constantly purchase new boxes.
  • Box can be flattened when not in use.
  • Size based on Qantas standard
    1400mm x 800mm x 300mm in blue. Read more about the Qantas Standard
  • New: Improved durability of straps
    Weight is now more evenly distributed between the straps for better performance and durability during travel.

Purchase includes

  • 2 plastic boards, front and back, 79cm x 164cm
  • 2 plastic boards, sides, 79cm x 169cm
  • 1 lid and base (select your size)
  • 4 straps





(rollers are available as a separate purchase)

Additional information

Lid size

1400, 1600, 1800