FAQ about bike boxes and bags Australia

  • Do you have to take the  bike wheels off to use the Enviro Bike Box?
    You only need to take the front wheel of a bike to pack it into the box.
  • How big is the enviro bike box?
    Depending on the lid size that is chosen, the Enviro Bike Box measures 1400mm x 800mm x 300mm (small), 1600mm x 800mm x 300mm (medium) and 1800mm x 800mm x 300mm (large).
  • How much does the Enviro Bike Box weigh?
    The Enviro Bike Box weighs approximately 5 to 6kg.
  • Do mountain bikes and other large bikes fit into this bike box?
    Yes they do, 29inch bikes also fit well in our boxes. Our bike boxes are suitable for all racing and mountain bikes. One of our frames we own and travel with is 61cm, and it fits in!  Tandem bikes have been known to fit in the largest box size.